Who are we?

We are a progressive company with its headquarters in Czech Republic which entered the marked with electronic and media services and publications. The aim of our company Floowie International s. r. o. is the connection of long lasting experience from marketing, the sell of advertisement on the internet and the offer of new dimension of presentation on international and local markets.

What do we offer to our clients:

We offer to editorships, companies, schools, but also the target clients a new way to publish either already existing or new publications (magazines, books, bulletins, guidebooks..) and their distribution on the internet through internet tools (direct-mail, google, communication sites...). The publications you can enrich with multimedia items (videos, animations, sound, outlook, more detailed descriptions..) and so we offer a strong marketing tool.


We make the clients publications more attractive and bring it in the electronic form to their readers/customers.


More about our services you can find here>>


Why to choose us?

What do our clients appreciate:

  • fast and intuitive creation of own publications (catalogers, magazines, books, presentations ...)
  • the possibility to enrich the publication for multimedia items themselves (links, videos, sound, animation)
  • high quality connection with online publications and own web pages
  • the instant supply of new functions to the system which support its marketing effectiveness
  • stability of the system – high-tech technological background placed on the backbone of the internet
  • experience, service and professional approach of our company
  • the whole complexity of service offered by Floowie

What do our readers appreciate:

  • fast loading of the interned online publication.
  • intuitive and sophisticated viewer control.
  • unifying of different publications under one place - on the portal ww.floowie.com.
  • the possibility to create own library of favorite or bought publications.
  • full-text search through the read publication by own archive or the Floowie – portal database.

The number of our services is growing thanks to the references of our satisfied clients. We believe that you and your friend with like Floowie application – a new dimension in online publications.