Floowie - API

Publication List

action = publicationList

Retrieves a list of publications by a filter with different output than listPublications action


key   value
 type  publication type ID
 category  publication category ID
 country  publication country ID
 dateFrom  lower boundary of publication (in unix timestamp format)
 dateTo  upper boundary of publication (in unix timestamp format)
 page  page number
 perpage  publications per page (default 16)
 letter  first letter of publication name
 email  if this parameter is specified and valid (in encrypted form), the list returns additional key 'isBought' with values 0 or 1, which specify, whether the user has bought the publication and key 'isFavourite', which says that the publication is among favourites of the user. If e-mail is provided, password must be provided as well.
 password  encrypted password of the user. It is encrypted the same way as the e-mail after it is processed through sha1() hash function.
 title  title ID
 order  decreasing ordering of the output
Possible values: date, view, rating
Default value: date
 publisherId  filter publications only from this publisher ID


 ['count'] => 1500
 ['data'] => Array
   [0] => Array
     [bookId] => 1
     [name] => Publication Name
     [rating] => 4.5
     [publisher] => "Publisher a.s."
     [imgUrl] => http://www.floowie.com/publication/thumbnail.png
     [adult] => 0
     [promotion] => 2