Floowie - API Changelog

API Changelog

[2013/11/28]Action recommended now returns only limited number of publications (around 25 at this point), with latest publication for each title. Now accepts parameters page, perpage and language (cs, sk or en supported). Action homePublications is now alias to recommended.
[2012/07/13]Added parameter perpage in action publicationList
[2012/07/11]Action userInfo now also returns information about user's prepaid orders and bought publications.
Action orderPrepaid was added parameter date, which may specify start date of the prepaid order.
Parameter password is now mandatory only for mobile devices in both actions.
[2012/06/08]Actions library, listPublications, publicationList and search have new parameters dateFrom and dateTo, which specify boundaries of dates of publications in unix timestamp format
[2012/06/02]Added parameter lang, which specifies languages of localized output of actions and language of e-mails sent to users.
Possible values: cs, en, sk

Parameter language of some actions (prepaidOrders) was removed.

Actions listPublications and publicationList have had their output value bought removed.
Actions listPublications, publicationList and search now output also values isBought and isFavourite, if user was specified in a request.

Fixed a bug with logging in in web interface for actions other than login
[2012/05/22]Output of API action publicationDetail now contains also name of the title group of the publications.

The publications can now be selected either by publicationId, or by specifying titleId and date of publishing.
[2012/05/16]parameter publisherId added also to action library
[2012/05/15]parameter publisherId added also to action recommended
[2012/05/02]API actions search, publicationlist a listpublications now have optional parameter publisherid
[2012/04/30]fixed bug with wrongly displayed categories for some actions
[2012/04/18]new API action: forgotPassword
[2012/04/16]updated API documentation
[2012/02/28]updated output structure of promoCode action (now is an array, promo code can grant multiple publications)