Slovakia’s only English-language newspaper


The Rock s.r.o.

Slovakia’s only English-language newspaper

Website: www.spectator.sme.sk
Floowie: https://www.floowie.com/en/spectatorspectatorsk
E-mail: spectator@sfkycdspectator.sk
Phone: 02 / 592 333 00

Address: Lazaretská 18, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovensko, Slovakia

The Slovak Spectator is Slovakia’s only English-language newspaper. It is published weekly by The Rock, s.r.o. publishing house and has brought news to its readers continuously since 1995. The company also publishes five special publications that appear throughout the year, including the acclaimed Spectacular Slovakia travel guide, the Book of Lists business directory, and comprehensive guides to local real estate, the investment environment and human resources.

The www.spectator.sk website is the only portal of its kind that provides comprehensive news about Slovakia, prepared by both Slovak and native-English journalists and editors, on a daily basis. Thanks to its sub-sites – greenpages.spectator.sk, jobs.spectator.sk, living.spectator.sk, and travel.spectator.sk – it offers extensive information on a range of topics, and is a gateway for individuals interested in Slovakia.